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1967 A Sunday afternoon in Thornton Le Dale



a short article from local press.........

Headline -


To mark the attainment of 50 years service with Stape Silver Band Mr Edward Ward Hill was presented with a suitably inscribed gold wrist watch as a token of the band members gratitude.

The presentation by Mrs Gladys M. Grayson a member of the band, was made after a sacred concert given by the band at Rillington Chapel.

Mr Hill has been bandmaster of the Stape Silver Band for over 30 years.



The band were resplendent in new uniforms for the busy summer season, sometimes doing more than one engagement in a day. One particular sunday afternoon after playing in Hutton Le Hole we were en-route to Hinderwell to play at St Hilda's Church at the Blessing of the Well. With a bit of time to spare we stopped off at Sandsend for a picnic and of course one or two of the younger players wanted to go on the beach. It wasn't long before that turned into a paddle and despite warnings about not splashing the new jackets with seawater soon most of the band were down at the water's edge. You can probably guess what happened next!!! - Yes a certain young lady (who shall remain nameless) decided to see how waterproof the jackets were, she went a little too far into the surf and received a thorough soaking from a larger than expected wave. Her face was suddenly the same colour as her hair!!!